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slothy sunday

Wild Rescues: Sloth mom & baby #Backinthetrees

A big thank you to Ben and Leia's symbolic adopters for supporting them on their rescue, rehab, and release journey.

Sloth Sunday: Praising the Slothlete winner of 2020!

The Sloth Ironman Games have come and gone, leaving nothing but praise for the best sloth athlete of this year’s competitions.

Sloth Sunday: Awarding the top sloths of the 2020 Ironman Games

Over the last five days, sloths at the Toucan Rescue Ranch have participated in grueling tests of strength and endurance as part of the 2020 Sloth Ironman Games.

Sloth Sunday: Helping sloths in need with your support

International Sloth Day is upon us, and with it comes the biggest sporting event of 2020: The Sloth Ironman Games!

Slothy Sunday: Life moves pretty fast. Stop and look around once in a while

Sloths embody a line from Ferris Bueller: Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Slothy Sunday: The 5th annual Sloth Ironman Games is upon us!

We’re back with our staple event for International Sloth month, the fifth anniversary of the Sloth Ironman Games starting October 20 on International Sloth Day!

Slothy Sunday: Meet the sloth moms, released and thriving

This Sloth Sunday is dedicated to the released two-fingered sloth moms that have been prospering since being in Toucan Rescue Ranch’s care.

Slothy Sunday: The aquatic lives of sloths

Did you know that sloths are excellent swimmers?

Slothy Sunday: Independence Day sloths

The sloth isn't an official national symbol of Costa Rica, but given how much they're adored by Ticos and visitors alike, they instill plenty of national pride.

Slothy Sunday: Celebrating the Class of 2020

The sloths leave the rescue center in Costa Rica to continue their journey, one that almost didn't happen — but for programs like Saving Sloths Together.

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