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slothy sunday

Slothy Sunday: Bringing Oro back into the wild

How many of you remember Oro the two-fingered sloth? No? Don’t worry, we will refresh everyone’s memory. Oro was rescued in February of 2016.

Slothy Sunday: Slow movement, slow metabolism

Sloths aren't known for moving fast, but their metabolism is also pretty slow.

Slothy Sunday: At home in the water

Did you know that sloths are amazing swimmers? Sloths can move up to three times faster in the water than they can on land.

Slothy Sunday: A lazy, sunny afternoon

Each Sunday, we post a photo of an adorable sloth in Costa Rica

Slothy Sunday: Saving sloths in Costa Rica

A sloth giving love to a stuffed animal at the Kids Saving the Rainforest center in Costa Rica.

Slothy Sundays: Keeping an eye out

Did you know that sloths can turn their heads almost all the way around?

Slothy Sunday

Just a normal slothy Sunday.

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