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Robert Isenberg

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Moving Pictures

Writer (and actor) Robert Isenberg arrives on the set of the film "Italia 90" but has no idea who he's supposed to play in the story of Costa Rica's legendary 1990 World Cup run.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Who Watches the Guachimán?

As a pedestrian, not a driver, Robert Isenberg has a different relationship with the guachimánes than most.

‘Green Season’ book excerpt: Car Trouble

Robert Isenberg and his wife, Kylan, traipse across San José to see about a car. It's not exactly what they were hoping for.

Robert Isenberg’s funny, moving ‘Green Season’ debuts

Former Tico Times reporter Robert Isenberg's "The Green Season" is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving book about his first year in Costa Rica.

The Tico Times launches its own publishing house with first book, ‘The Green Season’

The Tico Times Publications Group begins an exciting new era with the release of "The Green Season," a collection of essays, profiles, and travel stories written by former staff writer Robert Isenberg. We caught up with our old colleague to discuss mutual food nostalgia, Costa Rica and the writing life.

‘Cathedrals of Soccer’ worships the stadium

“Las Catedrales de Fútbol” (“Cathedrals of Soccer”) is a photographic series that canonizes the world’s favorite sport – not the game itself, but the stadiums where matches unfold.

Costa Rica prison inmates showcase artistic skills at 3-day festival

The men onstage were no ordinary performers: They are all incarcerated in Costa Rican prisons.

Tico designer founds furniture company to aid Filipino typhoon victims

One family’s debris from a massive tropical storm can become another family’s luxury furniture.

Fernando Carballo exhibit showcases 40 years of technique

Now 72 years old, Carballo is a revered artist in Costa Rica, where he has won multiple awards for his canvases. This month, Casa del Artista has dedicated its gallery to a Carballo retrospective.

Tico photo series to debut at Sarajevo peace festival

Most of us won’t be able to hop a plane to the Balkans, but six artists based in Costa Rica have done the next best thing: They have sent 30 photographs to Sarajevo to exhibit at the event, a series called “Ecosistemas de Paz.”

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