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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Selina San José hosts urban art safari

Costa Rica en la Pared is leading participants through the streets of San José for an exploration of the city’s street art for the 5th and 6th time. Within the Safari of Urban Art they will look for graffiti and civil art, as well as wall art.

The art and humor of Hugo Díaz lives on at an Alajuela exhibit

Díaz's work is known for his details, crowd scenes and his sharp wit. He touched on themes of inequality, corruption, political life and tiquicia in general – and he was very funny.

Art City Tour returns to San José for ‘Chepe in the Rain’

All aboard for an evening with San José's museums, galleries and design shops.

VIDEO: This weekend’s Transitarte Festival

A look at this weekend's festivities in San José.

Cities filled with art: A visit to the 10th Central American Biennial

We visit the tenth edition of the Central American Biennial, which has adorned San José and Limón with art from around the region this month. Catch it in its final days!

Costa Rican artist paints himself through history

Costa Rican painter, Fernando Obando's new exhibit in Santa Ana features a series of 11 self-portraits, but not just any self-portraits: Obando has painted himself in different time periods throughout history in order to explore how humanity reached its current state.

New gallery to be inaugurated during the Art City Tour

The Breness Art Gallery in Barrio Escalante will open its doors during tonight's Art City Tour.

Arcadio Esquivel exhibits his best-known comic, ‘Wences’ World’

The comic features 17 different characters, including Carilo, a child obsessed with soccer; Jimmy, who believes in aliens; and Mariela, an environmentalist who wears a heart in honor of sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora.

Charity auction seeks to help Costa Rican kids

Tonight's auction at the National Gallery, housed within the Children's Museum in downtown San José, will feature more than 100 art pieces by different renowned artists, including Man Yu Fung paintings, and raise money for children's charities.

Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center celebrates 70 years

The Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (CCCN) is celebrating 70 years as cultural bridge between the United States and Costa Rica. It is an English teaching...
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