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Costa Rica
Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Route 36 bridge has opened

A bridge reestablishing transit on Route 36 near Penshurst, Limón, was finished and opened on Thursday morning, authorities reported. 

Costa Rica begins evaluating flooding damage

The Costa Rican government on Wednesday began a comprehensive evaluation of damage caused by the flooding that occurred last weekend.

Costa Rica under ‘State of National Emergency’ after flooding

The Costa Rican government on Tuesday declared a State of National Emergency as the country continues to recover from significant flooding and infrastructure damage that occurred over the weekend.

Where to donate to Costa Rica disaster relief

Dozens of commercial centers across Costa Rica will begin collecting donations for families that have been displaced by widespread flooding.

Updates on Costa Rica’s flood recovery efforts

These are the latest updates from Costa Rican authorities on disaster-recovery efforts underway after flooding destroyed homes and key infrastructure in various parts of the country over the weekend. 

Route 36 bridge not expected until Wednesday

A Bailey bridge reestablishing transit on Route 36 near Penshurst, Limón, isn't expected to be ready until Wednesday, authorities said.

Costa Rica to welcome back cruises in September

Costa Rica will soon welcome cruise ships carrying vaccinated passengers and crew, the Tourism Board (ICT) announced. 

US cruise ships could sail again by July, CDC says

The pandemic has caused $48.3 billion in losses to the cruise industry and he doesn't expect it to resume normal activity until 2025.

Costa Rica considers upgrades to Limón cruise terminal, marina

According to the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), 193,733 passengers arrived aboard 93 cruise ships to the Limón terminal in 2018-19

Legacy of Costa Rica Afro-Caribbean Immigrants in the 1930’s

The author of the "Musings from an Afro-Costa Rican" column revisits her family history to question common stereotypes about Costa Rican racial history.

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