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Latin American politics

Latin America between Kennan and Obama

The late U.S. diplomat and strategist George Kennan is remembered as the creator of the doctrine of “containment,” which formed the centerpiece of the United States’ policy for waging the Cold War. But Kennan was also among the key architects of another U.S. grand strategy: the “dominance and discipline” approach toward Latin America. While less discussed, the latter strategy has long outlasted the Cold War. Fortunately, this may finally be changing, thanks to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Delays expected next week in Belén during meeting of Latin American presidents

Horacio Alvarado, mayor of Belén, asked for drivers to be patient on Wednesday and Thursday as Traffic Police briefly block roads between Juan Santamaría International Airport and the Centro de Eventos Pedregal for five minutes at a time so that presidential motorcades can pass.

Guatemala’s former Vice President Eduardo Stein bids for top job at troubled OAS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Guatemala’s Eduardo Stein Barillas vowed to “clean up the mess” at the Organization of American States if he’s elected secretary-general of the politically divided, cash-strapped regional body.

Incumbent Rousseff leads in first round of Brazil election, faces runoff

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff of the Workers Party, established a convincing lead in the first round of the country's presidential election Sunday — but it was not enough to elect her outright.

An oil scandal in Brazil complicates the race for incumbent president on eve of election

RIO DE JANEIRO — With just days to go before the presidential election here, a growing scandal has placed a number of issues center stage: They involve corruption, political machinations with the state-controlled oil company, and delays and overspending on a multibillion-dollar oil refinery that Brazil desperately needs.

Brazil split ahead of presidential election

A total of 142.8 million voters will cast ballots next Sunday to decide the next leader of the continent-sized nation, the world's seventh-biggest economy.

Venezuela’s dynastic diplomacy puts a Chávez at the UN

A single mom, a brazen businesswoman, a party girl, and social-media rock star — María Gabriela Chávez is many things. But the bona fide that counts on Chávez's résumé is her bloodline.

Brazil’s presidential election draped in mourning

Twenty years ago, when he debuted in national politics, Eduardo Campos, the Brazilian presidential hopeful who died in a plane crash Wednesday, was easy to underestimate. With his elegant suits, camera-ready smile and pale-blue eyes as big as fog lights, the junior legislator from the northeastern state of Pernambuco seemed a better fit on the set of a soap opera than in the two-fisted arena of Brasilia.

Colombia’s big ugly election and the prospects for peace

Wiretaps. Drug-gang payoffs. Clandestine videos. Unspeakable insults. Photoshopped campaign pictures. For Colombia's voters, going to the polls on Sunday comes as a catharsis after the ugliness that has marred one of this year's most important presidential elections in Latin America.

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