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Friday, May 20, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to keep playing past 40

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo assured that he wants to continue playing in top soccer competitions after the age of 40, in the first part...

Far-right Bolsonaro puts stamp on Brazil in first week

Investors applauded the first bold steps, sending strengthening the Brazilian real against the dollar. But on Thursday and Friday, Bolsonaro sowed some confusion on other issues.

Costa Rica offers to host COP25 after Brazil withdraws

President Carlos Alvarado announced that Costa Rica will throw its hat in the ring to host the COP25 Climate Change Conference in 2019.

Brazil sends troops after clashes at Venezuela border

Brazil's President, Michel Temer, called an emergency meeting of key ministers Sunday after ordering troops to the border with Venezuela as regional tensions build over the exodus from its crisis-hit neighbor.

Brazil heads for worst recession since 1901, economists forecast

Brazil's economy will contract more than previously forecast and is heading for the deepest recession since at least 1901 as economic activity and confidence sink amid a political crisis, a survey of analysts showed.

Rousseff future on hold as Brazilians take break from crisis

The protagonists in this year's political crises in Brazil are off for the holidays, leaving questions about the fate of President Dilma Rousseff and others embroiled in impeachment and corruption scandals.

Brazil’s ban on WhatsApp is lifted less than 24 hours after it began

Brazilians had joined in black humor and outrage and tech giants expressed worry over the state's heavy hand Thursday after a judge banned the service for 48 hours. Then another judge overturned the ban.

Brazil’s Rousseff scores court win in impeachment case

Brazil's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Congress must restart impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rousseff from scratch and overhauled the procedure, in a badly needed win for the embattled president.

What’s up, no WhatsApp? Brazilians peeved after service suspended

Millions of Brazilians woke up shocked and cranky Thursday after the popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging application was shut down for two days on a judge's order.

The professor at the heart of Brazil’s market meltdown

BNDES, the huge development bank owned by the Brazilian government, seems to keep turning up in the state's deepening crisis, as does its chief, Luciano Coutinho
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Costa Rica’s World Cup qualification would boost economy by $18 million

Costa Rica will play a decisive match against New Zealand on June 14. La Sele will fight for a spot in the upcoming World...

Former Nicaraguan ambassador to OAS questions Costa Rica’s silence

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