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Latin American politics

‘Fed up’ Latin American voters demand change

When Latin American voters went to the polls in 2021, they had an unambiguous message for the ruling elite: we've had enough. In Chile, the most...

Chile celebrates as leftist Boric elected president

The streets of Santiago erupted in celebration Sunday after leftist millennial Gabriel Boric became Chile's youngest-ever president-elect with an unexpectedly large victory over his...

Blinken to highlight democracy on Latin America trip

It will be Blinken's third visit to Latin America since the Biden administration took office in January after stops in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Main Nicaragua opposition party disqualified ahead of elections

Nicaragua's electoral council on Friday disqualified the country's main opposition party from upcoming presidential polls, in the latest move in an escalating political crackdown...

Nicaragua opposition denounces detention of VP candidate

Nicaragua's main opposition alliance hit out at authorities on Wednesday after revealing its candidate for the vice presidency has been held under house arrest...

Timeline: Nicaragua’s authoritarian slide

Nicaragua's first couple, President Daniel Ortega and his wife Vice President Rosario Murillo, are both in their 70s but they show no signs of being willing to let go of power.

President of Costa Rica seeks to strengthen government after resignations due to private data scandal

The president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, announced on Wednesday an effort to strengthen governance in response to a scandal over suspicions of breach of private information that caused several resignations in his cabinet.

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigns after losing backing of security forces

Bolivian President Evo Morales resigned Sunday, caving in following three weeks of protests over his disputed re-election.

Bolivian Congress votes to let Evo Morales run for re-election again

The amendment stipulates that Morales's re-election in 2014 counts as the first of two consecutive presidential re-elections allowed under the rule change. His first two four-year terms as president do not count because they were won under a previous constitution.

Latin America’s anti-corruption crusade

Latin America has been plagued by corruption for centuries, ever since it emerged from what the Mexican poet Octavio Paz called the “patrimonialist” nature of Spanish and Portuguese colonial rule. What is different today is the response to it, with societies and institutions refusing to remain complicit in corruption, or resigning themselves to its inevitability.

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