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Latin America music

In 2015, jazz reasserted itself

This year saw jazz reassert itself as the ambitious and protean American music par excellence, its greatest practitioners reaching stunning new heights.

Beyond Feliz Navidad: Eight great holiday songs in Spanish and one in Ladino

Happy Holidays! Oh, and let us know which songs we missed.

PHOTOS: Sights and sounds of Costa Rica’s first Nrmal Festival

Sights and sounds - and tastes - from the first Costa Rican edition of Mexico's popular Nrmal Festival.

Rolling Stones to tour Latin America

The Stones will pass over Costa Rica on their Latin America tour. To see them you'll have to book a trip to Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay or Mexico City.

The legendary Will Smith returns to rap with Colombia’s Bomba Estereo

Rapper-turned-actor Will Smith adds his voice to remix of hit from Colombian electrocumbia band Bomba Estereo.

Rolling Stones plan first album in decade: Richards

The Rolling Stones have decided to record a new album in what would be their first in a decade, guitarist Keith Richards said. They're also planning a South America tour in early 2016.

Selena died 20 years ago – why we’re still talking about her

For at least one day every year, Selena-ness is next to godliness.

Jazz Café to host first annual Costa Rican Women in Music Festival

Original music in Costa Rica has come a long way, but until a couple years ago, that applied mostly to men. But things are quickly changing, according to musician Hazel Marcie.

Singer-songwriter Kevin Johansen makes everyone feel good in Costa Rica debut

Argentinian musician Kevin Johansen and his band The Nada (a play on the phrase “de nada”), along with Argentinian caricaturist Ricardo Siri, known as “Liniers,” swept their Costa Rican audience off its feet during their first concert in Costa Rica Tuesday night. Those who visited the Jazz Café Escazú for a night of unwonted music with a broad Latin American perspective simply fell in love.

EXCLUSIVE: Name Santos & Zurdo’s new song and win a free weekend beach trip

Costa Rican electronic fusion band Santos & Zurdo have a new EP coming out soon, but they have a problem: None of the songs have titles.

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