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Fun and free in Costa Rica: Art Walk at Avenida Escazú

Avenida Escazú is always a good option for finding fun things to do with your family for free, but especially during the Art Walk exhibition this week.

Santa Ana animal sanctuary comes with sad backstories, better endings

At the Refugio Herpetológico animal sanctuary in Santa Ana, the wards often have heart-breaking histories, but occasionally they are successfully released.

The Little Theatre Group has found a new home – and you’re invited

"We couldn't be more delighted, because history has repeated itself and the Little Theatre Group's dream has come true again. It materialized this past August in the form of a large house and huge garden in San Rafael, Escazú," said longtime board member Ann Antkiw.

Costa Rica police raid nursing home over abuse allegations

Complaints against the facility included inappropriate use of tranquilizers and residents being tied down to beds or wheelchairs with improvised restraints.

‘Little Monsters’ cultivates kids’ creativity

Taking inspiration from the enchanted forests of storybooks, the 250-square-meter space is like a kindergarten, indoor playground, and art studio rolled into one. Different sections are modeled on different outdoor objects, like “The Nest,” “The Cocoon,” and “The Tree House.”

Police bust hydroponic pot grow in Escazú church

Police didn't speculate on whether the marijuana might have some spiritual significance, but the discovery of a small .38 Special revolver by police doesn’t bode well for the religious freedom angle.

Group show ‘Valoarte‘ surprises and impresses at Avenida Escazú

The artists seem free and feisty: You will find the usual feel-good landscapes, but you will also find fiercely political work, covering every theme imaginable.

Sympathetic Dutch celebrate victory in Escazú

Fans of the Netherlands national team wave flags by the side of the highway in Escazú, west of San José. More than 100 people...

St. Patrick’s Day celebration floods Escazú with green beer

There was live music. There were keg-stands. There were even trampolines. The mostly Tico crowd certainly embraced the Irish spirit – emphasis on the spirits.

Large-scale St. Patrick’s festival invades Escazú

To Pablo Formal, sharing a cultural experience is even better when you’re also sharing a good beer. This weekend, Formal is going Gaelic: He’s bringing an enormous St. Patrick’s Day celebration to Escazú.

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