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Downtown San José

Costa Rica cancels its biggest year-end parade due to pandemic

Costa Rica’s Festival de la Luz, a holiday parade through the heart of San José, typically fills the capital with holiday spirit. But not this year.

Costa Rica Farmers Market: Visiting Feria Verde

Costa Rica is replete with farmers markets. Dozens of towns across Costa Rica have weekend farmers markets, or ferias del agricultor, where farmers sell fresh...

World Tourism Day in San José: Visiting some of the city’s best attractions

The Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), which contains the capital of San José, is the most densely populated area in Costa Rica. We've covered fun things...

Off the eaten path: Pad Thai

At Pad Thai, everything is grounded down fresh. I’m talking all the curry paste, turmeric, galangal, basil and coriander; all ground with a mortar and pestle.

A hangover, brunch and a classic bloody mary at Maza

The bloody mary is as classic as a cocktail gets. Articles and books are full of colorful stories about how it was created around the 1920s. The drink surged during Prohibition when people tried to cheat the system with drinks that didn’t look like they contained alcohol.

Poetry, Cacique and memories at San José’s cultural dive bar: La Bohemia

La Bohemia is something you can really only experience sitting with a self-made cheapskate gin and tonic in hand, watching the bar's natural course take place on a Friday night.

Two winning drinks with Costa Rica’s best bartender at Mil948

It seems like Isaac Montero barely looks at the bar while he is assembling his equipment. He quickly stacks cocktail mixers, puts down tiny bottles of homemade cocktail bitters and fastens his black leather apron all while talking. Everything he needs is meticulously arranged to be at the reach of his hands.

Drinks, conversations and a view to remember at Hotel Presidente’s Azotea

You might have already walked past by Azotea Calle 7 in downtown San José without realizing it. It's just around the corner from the...

Know thyself: meet your signature cocktail at Bebedero

There’s a bar in the heart of San José with a menu full of flavors.

Construction set to begin on San José-spanning riverwalk

“Today marks the beginning of a dream in which a group of citizens bet on a crazy idea and it’s becoming a reality," said director Federico Cartín.

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