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6 Popular Tropical Foods of Costa Rica you thought you knew

Here are six tropical foods and spices that grow in Costa Rica that you definitely know but probably have never seen au naturel.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Patacones in Costa Rica

Mmm, patacones. So delicious. So full of surprising facts.

How to make a delicious chilera – and your own banana vinegar

Many families still make this popular recipe with vinegar made from the banana called “guineo negro,” along with hot and sweet chiles, onions, cauliflower, and other available vegetables you may have from the garden.

Seaweed can help feed the world. But will we eat it? Recipe

Where there's sea, there's seaweed, and coastal people around the world have used it for food, medicine and animal feed for millennia. Should we all be eating more of it?

Cassava: Tropical Staple and Drought-friendly but Cancer-Busting?

Yuca, or cassava, is hardy and easy to grow, and may help fight cancer. Learn how to give it a try in this month's Home Gardening column.

For new generation of on-camera cooks, YouTube is a FoodTube

Millennials fueled a 280 percent increase in subscriptions to YouTube food channels last year, according to Google research in 2014.

VIDEO: Barbecuing with Lucas Withington

In May 2013, a friend asked Lucas Withington to make a grill. Since then, he has crafted nearly 40 grills, each one specific to his client’s needs.

In Costa Rica Tamale-making with Antojitos de Maíz

Tico Times reporters attempt to make tamales with the pros

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