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Colombian Amazon: Casualty of Peace

In just a few minutes, an enormous century-year-old tree is felled by an electric saw in the middle of a protected national park. The...

Amazon birds becoming smaller, longer-winged due to climate change

Even the wildest parts of the Amazon untouched by humanity are being impacted by climate change, according to new research. Hotter, drier conditions over the...

Amazon creating 2,000 new jobs in Costa Rica

Amazon announced Wednesday that it will create 2,000 new customer service jobs in Costa Rica.

Amazon Web Services opens new Costa Rica office

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of, Inc., on Thursday opened a new office in Costa Rica to support the growth of cloud computing in the country.

$4 trillion fund holders tell Brazil to halt deforestation

Increased deforestation in the Amazon could actually increase Brazil's annual contribution to global warming. 

Costa Rica expresses ‘deep concern’ over Amazon wildfires

The Government of Costa Rica expresses its deep concern about the devastating forest fires that develop in the Amazon River basin.

Amazon adding 2,000 new jobs in Costa Rica

Amazon executives announced Wednesday the creation of 2,000 new jobs in the company's Costa Rica offices.

Drones fly to rescue of Amazon wildlife

A hoarse sound abruptly wakes visitors staying at a floating house that serves as a base for environmentalists on the Jaraua river in the Amazon rainforest.

Now in Costa Rica: Amazon direct delivery

Customers can download the Amazon Shopping app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Amazon Costa Rica to hire 1,500 employees

Amazon Costa Rica plans to hire 1,500 new employees for its management, finance, business support, software development and customer service departments.

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