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Pope urges better care for the Amazon, political dialogue in Ecuador

"Ecuador - together with other countries with Amazonian land -- has a chance to practice the teachings of integral ecology," Pope Francis said at a meeting with social organizations in the South American nation.

Amazon expands Costa Rica operations

Amazon will be looking to hire 400 new employees for management positions and for customer service.

In a Colombian jungle long known for cocaine, a rare nut is now all the rage

Native to parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, the cacay nut was long used by indigenous people to treat wounds and light lamps. As those uses faded, trees that reached 40 meters (130 feet) high became appealing targets for loggers. That's begun to change with the renewed appeal of natural oils as beauty treatments.

Peru was a crocodile paradise before the Amazon River went and ruined it

A new study found that seven species of crocodile inhabited the massive wetlands that once sat in the Amazon basin.

Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon surges 450 percent, says environmental group

BRASÍLIA – Deforestation in Brazil's storied Amazon basin region skyrocketed more than 450 percent in October from a year earlier, a nongovernmental group warned Monday.

Peru fights gold fever with fire and military force

As many as 40,000 illegal miners — mostly poor, Quechua-speaking laborers from Peru's Andean highlands — have invaded some of the most pristine and biologically rich sections of ancient forest in the Amazon basin. In just a few years, they have laid waste to more than 120,000 acres, leaving behind Amazonian deserts of pestilent orange craters that bleed into the rivers when it rains.

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa calls the media his greatest enemy during Costa Rica speech

Outside the building, protesters mounted a demonstration decrying the administration's perceived bullying tactics toward opposition parties and anti-gay comments made by the president.

Chevron wins US case against $9.5 billion Ecuador fine

NEW YORK – A U.S. judge Tuesday upheld Chevron's allegations that an Ecuadoran court decision ordering it to pay $9.5 billion for oil pollution in the Amazon jungle was fraudulently obtained.

Unprecedented oil drilling by Ecuador brings new tensions to country’s Amazon lowlands

YAWEPARE, Ecuador – An oil pipeline runs through this village to a Chinese rig at the end of the road. At night, when the rig is pumping, the pipeline is too hot to touch, but villagers say that in the morning it's a good place to dry laundry. That is its only apparent benefit to the families here, members of the Waorani tribe, lured out of the jungle by missionaries more than a generation ago.

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