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Foreign firms announce more than 2,000 new job openings in Costa Rica

Five foreign companies in Costa Rica are looking to make 2,200 new hires for jobs in business, finances, accounting, engineering and customer services.

Armed with whips and rifles, poor Peruvian vigilantes help protect the Andes from criminals

For decades, vigilante groups have guarded the streets of Andean villages and cities in Peru, often usurping the role of the police.

To conserve the Amazon, the forest must become an economic ‘asset’

The people of Santa María de Fátima, a small Amazonian community in Peru, started an ecotourism project by turning a swamp close to their village into a bird-watchers’ paradise. The herons whose eggs they once consumed now attract tourists from all over the world.

Yikes: Canadian kills Briton in Peru after drinking ayahuasca

The killing took place on Wednesday in a village near the Amazon city of Iquitos during a shamanic ceremony for tourists that included drinking the hallucinogenic tea that is embraced by advocates as a spirit cure.

Community managed forests protect against climate change, study finds

Community-managed forests in Guatemala and Brazil help protect against climate change and deforestation, and can save us billions of dollars, a new report finds.

Even Brazil’s military may not be enough to protect an endangered Amazon tribe

AWÁ INDIGENOUS LAND, Brazil – In January 2014, the Brazilian government sent the army into this corner of the Amazon, deploying soldiers backed by bulldozers and helicopters to clear out hundreds of families living illegally on a reserve for indigenous people.

Peru to create huge national park in Amazon basin

Peru is creating a national park to protect a vast territory in the Amazon basin that is vulnerable to drug trafficking and illegal logging and mining, the country's environment minister said Saturday.

Brazil tribes declare war on illegal loggers in Amazon

Two indigenous groups in the Amazon have taken radical action to reduce illegal logging, tying up loggers, torching their trucks and tractors, and kicking them off the reserves. As a result, such logging has sharply declined in these territories.

Amazon to hire 800 new employees for its Costa Rica operation

The company will host a job fair Friday and Saturday looking to fill posts in its administrative, human resources and customer service departments.

What should countries do about the Amazon’s ‘uncontacted’ tribes?

The Mashco-Piro of Peru have turned up repeatedly along river banks in the Madre de Dios region, begging for food from boat travelers. Their brazen appearances with bows and arrows have sown panic in some remote settlements, and they have ransacked others — making off with pans, clothing, machetes, even the occasional rifle, which they do not know how to use.

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