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Financial, environmental questions plague Nicaragua canal project

It isn’t looking good for Chinese billionaire Wang Jing and his planned $50 billion Nicaragua canal project. New financial, social and environmental concerns have cast doubt on the feasibility of the proposed interoceanic canal, and construction has now been delayed until March.

Nicaragua official goes to Washington to justify massive canal project

Nicaragua’s proposed $50 billion interoceanic canal – the biggest earthmoving project in world history – will cut poverty in half, double the country’s GDP growth and energize Central American integration by servicing a boom in global shipping that will quickly outgrow even the newly enlarged Panama Canal. So claims Paul Oquist, a key adviser to President Daniel Ortega.

US concerns grow over possible Nicaragua Canal land expropriation, ambassador says

"What's going to happen if along the [canal] route it will require land expropriation, and how are they [the Sandinista government] going to do it?" U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua Phyllis Powers asked in an interview published Monday in the Nicaraguan news magazine Confidencial. "Because we have U.S. citizens who have property along the route."

Nicaragua can’t stop dreaming of a canal

It's looking less likely by the day that it will actually happen, says Bloomberg View columnist Justin Fox.

Nicaragua Canal project surrounded by air of intimidation, opponents say

Organizers of Saturday’s march said they hope to send a message to outside investors that the 373,000 people estimated to be affected by the mega-project will not roll over without a fight.

Activists visiting Washington blast Nicaragua’s $50 billion canal project as ‘illegitimate’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Opponents of Nicaragua’s dubious plans to build a $50 billion interoceanic canal are trying to rally U.S. help in fighting the controversial project. But it’s not clear if official Washington is listening.
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