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La Prensa

La Prensa: Daniel Ortega imposes repression, misery on Nicaraguans

Nicaragua finds itself in the midst of an extreme economic recession, a minimum wage freeze and an increase in the prices of electrical energy and fossil fuels.

The Nicaraguan war hero accused of “terrorism”

Ex-colonel Carlos Brenes was a guerrilla and military man of high rank in the two wars in Nicaragua; friend of Camilo Ortega and of great respect in the Army. Now he is detained, being accused of terrorism.

“I was rotting in El Chipote,” university student Bayardo Siles talks about his days in jail

Before fleeing Nicaragua, Bayardo José Siles Rodríguez, a university student and human rights activist from Matagalpa, was illegally locked up in prisons across three departments for ten days.

U.S. doctors cancel medical mission in Nicaragua after mass firing in León Hospital

Doctors from North Carolina that were going to perform heart and lung surgeries for the "Proyecto de Salud para León" medical mission canceled their visit after the mass firing of medical staff at the Oscar Danilo Rosales Argüello Teaching Hospital (HEODRA).

Threats against independent journalists in Nicaragua continue

Juan Carlos Arce, a lawyer for the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, (CENIDH), says social media sites are the most common vehicle to intimidate independent journalists during this period of government repression.

Nicaraguans visit zoo en masse after call for help

Hundreds of Nicaraguans visited the national zoo, located on the highway to Masaya, to help cover costs and guarantee food for some 400 animals this Sunday.

Álvaro Conrado, the young martyr of Nicaragua’s protests

In the back of an unknown vehicle, Álvaro Conrado, 15, asked the people around him not to let him go to sleep, because if he did, he wouldn’t wake up. He’d been shot in the neck and it hurt to breathe. He was bleeding out.

Three brothers jailed in Jinotepe for supporting protests with music

The Esteban brothers, from Jinotepe, Nicaragua, were celebrating an aunt’s birthday at their maternal grandmother’s house on July 10 and slept there that night. Then, the next day, a group of hooded and armed police officers showed up and arrested the brothers.

Life after the brutal attack in Monimbó

It was dawn on July 17, 2018, two days before the 39th anniversary of the Nicaraguan revolution, when armed and hooded paramilitary forces, under police protection, attacked hundreds of Monimbó’s youth.

“Comandante Macha,” the young woman with cancer fighting from the barricades in Jinotepe

With a homemade mortar on her shoulder, a blue-and-white flag as a cape, and a gas mask to protect her from tear gas, Nahomy...

More than 40 doctors fired from hospital in Leon

Authorities from the Oscar Danilo Rosales Argüello Teaching Hospital (HEODRA) in Leon arbitrarily fired around 40 doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other workers this...
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