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Daniel Ortega’s regime has twice as many political prisoners as Nicolás Maduro’s

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's dictatorship has proved to be more lethal against citizen protesters than Nicolás Maduro's in Venezuela, not only because it has...

Fleeing Nicaragua: Joining forces against the government

The Tico Times talks to refugees who fled Nicaragua about their time in the protests, the subsequent persecution and how they fled to Costa Rica. In part two, we talk to former government allies, enemies and previously neutral bystanders about why they joined protests against the government.

Madelaine Caracas: the fierce Nicaraguan artist who stood up to Daniel Ortega

Before the Nicaraguan protests, Madelaine was a 20-year-old feminist painter who was finishing her communication degree. Now she represents all Nicaraguans around the world, claiming for justice.

Daniel Ortega willing to talk to Donald Trump

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said he’s willing to talk to U.S. President Donald Trump to address the crisis in Nicaragua, even though he condemns a US “military intervention.”

Threats against independent journalists in Nicaragua continue

Juan Carlos Arce, a lawyer for the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, (CENIDH), says social media sites are the most common vehicle to intimidate independent journalists during this period of government repression.

Nicaraguan human rights group closes office after ‘alarming’ threats

The Nicaraguan Association for Human Rights (ANPDH) said Sunday it is closing its offices following "alarming" threats to its staff over its high-profile reporting on the violent repression of anti-government protests.
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Guatemala Issues Historic Apology for Black Market Adoptions

Guatemala's president on Friday offered an official apology to one of the many families whose children were taken away and adopted abroad in a...

Central American Countries Declare Emergency as Dengue Deaths Rise

A hundred people have died this year from a dengue outbreak in Central America, where the most affected country is Guatemala, with half of...

Maritime Patrols Intensify as Panama Tightens Border Control

Panama reinforced maritime surveillance on Thursday, after closing some passages in the Darién jungle to control the arrival of migrants traveling to the United...