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Honduran opposition protesters take to the streets

In the capital, supporters of Alliance of Opposition to the Dictatorship set up rock barricades, set fire to tires and sticks in the roadways, and then moved to other locations to evade the police.

Presidential nominee Antonio Álvarez Desanti to step down as legislator

While votes are still being counted, the party has moved on.

Canadian expats in Costa Rica hope to regain right to vote

Joan Dewar, a Canadian citizen who has been living outside Grecia, Costa Rica since 2005, got a rude surprise when she tried to vote in federal elections from abroad in 2011.

Bernie Sanders ‘wins’ Costa Rica in Democrats Global Primary

Senator Bernie Sanders ran away with the Democrats' Global Presidential Primary in Costa Rica this week, collecting 130 votes to Clinton’s 58, according to partial preliminary results reported by Democrats Abroad Costa Rica Chair Kathy Rothschild.

Expats ‘feel the Bern’ as Democrat Global Primary kicks off in Costa Rica

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is off to a head start over his opponent, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for the Democratic presidential nomination after the first day of the Global Presidential Primary in Costa Rica.

Sexual harassment allegation remains over Santa Ana mayor as Costa Rica’s municipal elections near

A five-year-old sexual harassment allegation is still hovering over Santa Ana Mayor Gerardo Oviedo, who will run for re-election in February's municipal voting.
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Costa Rica Remains Central America’s Safest Nation Despite Global Peace Index Drop

The 2024 Global Peace Index, published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), revealed that Costa Rica continues to be the safest country...

Argentina Clinches Record 16th Copa America Title in Extra-Time Thriller

Lautaro Martinez scored an extra-time winner as Argentina beat Colombia 1-0 to win a record 16th Copa America title at Hard Rock Stadium on...

Crowd chaos as fans kept waiting outside Conmebol Copa America Final

Chaotic scenes delayed the start of the Copa America final between Argentina and Colombia on Sunday by over 75 minutes after fans were kept...