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Police officers suspected of robbing tourists under investigation by OIJ, MSP

Two National Police officers who are suspected of robbing foreigners in Jacó remain under investigation by Costa Rica’s Public Security Ministry (MSP) and Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ).

Six suspects arrested for fraud scheme that caused millions in losses

Prosecutors say those arrested are part of a criminal network that manipulated board member elections in favor of people who facilitated loans to certain cooperatives.

Finance Ministry investigation finds 120 companies, corporations linked to Panama Papers

The Finance Ministry investigation has fully identified a total of 69 local companies and corporations with links to cases listed in the Panama Papers. The remaining 51 are still under investigation.

FIFA panel seeks lifetime ban for ex-Costa Rican football president Eduardo Li

FIFA opened up a case against former Costa Rican football head Eduardo Li Wednesday that could result in his lifetime ban from the sport.

Prosecutor’s Office to charge 26 people for failed border road project

Costa Rica’s General Prosecutor Jorge Chavarría Guzmán said shoddy work on the failed project caused economic losses for the country of some ₡1.2 billion ($2 million).

Two members of Costa Rica’s ruling party convicted of fraud

Judges also found the party liable in the fraud charges and ordered that it pay almost ₡600 million ($1 million) to the Supreme Elections Tribunal for the damage caused.

Eduardo Li wins lawsuit against insurance company over defense costs in FIFA corruption case

A judge ruled that insurer Lloyd's of London must pay for Li's legal defense in the FIFA corruption case. But there's one catch.

Football: US releases three FIFA guilty plea transcripts

A U.S. judge released Monday transcripts of guilty pleas from three prominent defendants in the sweeping FIFA corruption investigation who confessed to crimes and agreed to pay $37.5 million in compensation.

Honduras foreign minister resigns over police murder scandal

Honduran daily El Heraldo revealed that senior police officers ordered the assassination of Honduras' top anti-drug official, Arístides González, in December 2009.

FIFA ex-VP Hawit pleads guilty in corruption case

Alfredo Hawit, who is from Honduras and also served as CONCACAF president, appeared Monday at a hearing in a Brooklyn court where he agreed in addition to his guilty pleas to forfeit nearly $1 million.
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