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World War II

World commemorates 75th anniversary of D-Day

June 6 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The power of a mother’s voice: the sinking of the San Pablo in Limón, 1942

The author of "Musings from an Afro-Costa Rican" explores a family memory of the night World War II touched Costa Rican shores, and calls on Tico Times readers to help her honor those lost.

El Steinvorth, an architectural beauty in the heart of the city

Costa Rican architect Julián Mora became not only another tenant of the El Steinvorth building, but also the man at the helm of the restoration of the building itself, an effort that eventually drew government attention and resulted in a major overhaul.

The story of Costa Rica’s forgotten World War II internment camp

In downtown San José, just west of the Cementerio de Obreros, sits a forgettable lot of urban real estate where the municipality and the Public Works and Transport Ministry park garbage trucks and heavy equipment. But on this same spot 73 years ago, an internment camp was erected by the government to hold hundreds of German-Costa Rican prisoners after the United States and Costa Rica entered World War II in December 1941.

What history tells us about Russia, Crimea and Putin

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement that formally recognized the "reunification" of the breakaway Ukrainian region of Crimea with Russia. "To understand the reason behind such a choice," he said in a speech to parliament, "it is enough to know the history of Crimea and what Russia and Crimea have always meant for each other."

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