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women's rights

What the Women’s March was really about in Costa Rica

To all those who disagree: I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not sorry about our movement. We will keep going until we get what we want. That’s what girls do.

Therapeutic abortion, part III: looking ahead

Two women who were forced to carry nonviable pregnancies to term want to prevent other women from suffering the same fate.

Why these Costa Rican women dressed as characters from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to vote today

A statement from the women who turned heads when they voted today.

Wanderlust: embracing the world as an Afro-Tica

How one woman from Guanacaste fulfilled her dreams of traveling the world.

Tico Times Women of the Year: leaders who inspired us in 2017

From a journalist to an artist, from Nicaragua to Portugal to South Africa: we look back at some of our extraordinary interviewees this year.

Costa Rica launches plan to curb violence against women

A total of 22 public agencies, organizations and universities have pledged to adopt the plan and work with the INAMU to improve the treatment of women in Costa Rica.

Women: Do we want to stay alive?

"There’s no such thing as the weak sex. The moment to act is now."

Women leaders who’ve inspired us this year – and their secret powers

Today we celebrate those who have fought, are fighting and will fight for equality.

Women’s March events planned across Costa Rica Saturday

Demonstrators in Costa Rica plan to show solidarity with protesters in Washington, D.C. on the day after Donald Trump's inauguration.

Cynthia Castro: the Costa Rican psychologist fighting for global gender equality

Straight talk for everyone from Pope Francis, to business owners, to Costa Rican men who don't pull their weight at home. That's Cynthia Castro, a woman on a mission.

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