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Natasha Gordon-Chipembere


Legacy of Costa Rica Afro-Caribbean Immigrants in the 1930’s

The author of the "Musings from an Afro-Costa Rican" column revisits her family history to question common stereotypes about Costa Rican racial history.

An Afro-spiritual journey by Afro-Costa Rican writer Delia Adassa McDonald Woolery

McDonald's writing finds the tangible beauty of Afro-Costa Rican culture and traditions as her words embrace Blackness.

Teenage designers steal the show at Costa Rican fashion show

When the three models of Chica Perica finished their appearance, the designers walked out, showing the crowd that they were no older than teenagers. Peralta is 18 and in her last year of high school. Guardia is only 15.

Moving your family to Costa Rica? Choosing a school for Expats

Education options abound, but it's important to learn their pros and cons.

Afro-descendant culture in Costa Rica: Celebrating black excellence in August

In August, everywhere you turn there is some incredible event celebrating Afro-Costa Ricans and their profound historical contributions to Costa Rica.

Wanderlust: embracing the world as an Afro-Tica

How one woman from Guanacaste fulfilled her dreams of traveling the world.

Count me in, part III: Carmen Miller and Costa Rican ‘Sisterlocks’

Third in a three-part series that focuses on making visible the thriving natural hair movement among Afro-descended Costa Ricans within the context of the...

Count me in, part II: Natural Hair Sistahs 506

This second and final part of the Natural Hair Series, Count Me In, discusses the reasons why each of the women I interviewed decided to return back to natural Afro-hair after having their hair chemically processed or using extensions and weaves for years.

Hanna Gabriels retains her world titles in vibrant fight

Hanna Gabriels remains the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Organization Middleweight (154 lb) Champion.

Count me in: the natural hair revolution among Afro-Ticas

In order to combat centuries of negative stereotypes about afro hair, many people of African descent have waged personal wars with trying to “control the kink.”

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