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Costa Rican boxer Tiquito Vásquez shoots for world title in Brooklyn

Dominican Javier “Abejón” Fortuna at a press conference predicted a knockout over Tiquito Vásquez.

It’s unanimous: Mayweather defeats Pacquiao

LAS VEGAS — After the final bell had rung, Floyd Mayweather jumped on the ropes and defiantly barked to the crowd. He knew he'd won the bout, but everyone else needed judges' confirmation.

TV exec made Mayweather-Pacquiao bout possible

After years of false starts and finger-pointing, the twisting road to the spectacle set to shatter all boxing records for viewership and revenue wound through many locales, from the exclusive reaches of Beverly Hills to NBA courtside seats in Miami.

Costa Rica’s world boxing champions win fights on the same night

Tico boxers Bryan “El Tiquito” Vásquez and Hanna Gabriels — husband and wife — on Saturday night both won their respective fights in Mexico and Puerto Rico.
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Unraveling the Mystery of a Costa Rican Expat’s Past

Expats come to Costa Rica for all types of reasons; Some come to live, some to die. Some are running from something, others in...

Costa Rica’s OIJ Raids SETENA Offices Over Alleged Permit Irregularities

Early this morning, agents of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) conducted a series of raids at the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) due to...

Female Referees Make History at Copa America 2024

Eight women will break new barriers in refereeing the 2024 Copa America. The oldest national team tournament in the world will have female referees...