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Letter from the Editor: Costa Rica’s new normal

Life Costa Rica has changed dramatically over the course of just a few weeks.

Letter from the Editor: Visiting Costa Rica during the coronavirus pandemic

We've received numerous questions over the past several days from readers asking if they should cancel upcoming trips to Costa Rica due to coronavirus.

Costa Rica Fishing Legend: Rembering Robin Williams:

Robin Williams, founder of Crocodile Bay Resort in Puerto Jimenez, passed Saturday, Dec. 14 after a long illness.

Letter to the Editor: Join the 2019 Global Climate Strike, Friday Sept. 20

It’s time to take a stand, to show the political will to effect rapid and drastic changes in our policies and laws.

Letter to the Editor: Fueling fears of a Hispanic invasion

Texas is a state with centuries of history under six flags, the first two being those of Spain and Mexico.
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Exploring the Realm of Boa Constrictors in Costa Rica

I’ve always had a fondness for snakes. When I was young, I used to keep spare sheets of metal on the edges of the...

Costa Rica’s Economic Crisis Prompts Businesses to Demand Policy Changes

Costa Rica's business sector has called for a demonstration on May 15 to request measures in response to exchange rate effects. The mobilization coincides...

The Bolivian Amazon Orchestra Revives a Unique Indigenous Opera in the World

A rare Baroque opera written by an indigenous person, whose scores were hidden for centuries in a church in the Bolivian Amazon, came to...