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MOPT warns of higher traffic accidents as measures are eased

The Public Works and Transport Ministry (MOPT) is reminding drivers to follow the rules of the road when traveling this weekend. 

Coronavirus restrictions reduced driving deaths, International Transport Forum says

More than 1.3 million people die each year on the world's roads, and tens of millions are seriously injured.

More than 350 road accident deaths this year, MOPT says

In 2015, navigation platform Waze ranked Costa Rica among the world's worst countries in which to drive.

Hundreds of GAM traffic lights now run on solar power

The project is an important part of Costa Rica’s plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

Solving Costa Rica’s traffic and pollution problem

How can Costa Rica achieve electric transportation?

VIDEO: San José politicians, residents forego cars on World Car Free Day

Politicians, diplomats and residents took up the challenge to walk, bike or take public transportation on World Car Free Day, Sept. 22.

Don’t like how someone parked? Give ‘em a ticket 

Fear not, intrepid pedestrian, now there’s a way for you to let that inconsiderate motorist know how you feel about their parking job that doesn’t involve cussing.

Indifference on the streets jeopardizes athlete safety

Drivers in Costa Rica lack respect for cyclists and runners on the road, and it's costing some athletes their careers and even their lives.

Legislative Assembly passes bill to jumpstart electric train system

Costa Rica’s publicly-owned rail company has been given the green light to contract with private companies to create an electric rail system that the government hopes will help the country reduce carbon emissions and ease pressure on the country’s desperately choked roadways.

New project uses rivers to create a walkable, bikeable San José

San José's rivers are clogged and lost among a sea of traffic, but a new project would turn them into the key to urban renewal thorugh a network of riverbank bike paths.

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