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Tico Times Deep Dive

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica : A fight to preserve culture

More than a century of racist laws and policies helped shape Limón. Communities and their distinctive cultures were forged through hardships often condoned by the Costa Rican government. But now the province’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism hopes to turn the region into “a new Cancún,”

Costa Rica Surfing in Puerto Viejo: The Caribbean’s Ultimate Waves

Sunshine, surfing and reggae make Puerto Viejo one of the preferred destinations of many Costa Ricans. There’s something about the Caribbean that makes you relax,...

The Future of Golfito Cosa Rica: The Shannon L. Martin Foundation Projects

It’s clear that Shannon Martin has left a lasting impact on the community.

Five reasons to take a night tour through the Sierpe mangroves

The Térraba-Sierpe National Wetlands protect from storms, help maintain water quality and keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Our Southern Zone Deep Dive is underway!

The Tico Times is in Costa Rica's Southern Zone this week.

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica: Speeding Killing Animals & Reshaping Mobility

Having seen the deaths of domestic and wild animals, and even the recent death of a woman, local residents are doing everything they can to feel safer.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica: Rough Edges and Rich Culture

Puerto Viejo isn’t for everyone. If you need your beach vacation to be peppered with air conditioned rooms and restaurants; if you can’t comfortably share your room with the occasional gecko; if you get upset over spotty internet and power outages, then you might be better off visiting somewhere else. But if you can accept Puerto Viejo for its flaws, it will accept you and yours.

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: A murder shatters the illusion of safety

Santa Teresa was taken over by crowds, dressed in white and carrying flowers to the beach. They laid them on the sand as a gesture to mourn a woman most of them never knew, but whom they had all heard about: María Trinidad Matus.

Surfing Costa Rica At Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa de Cobano is one of my favorite spots on earth. It’s a great mix between jungle and ocean with green to blue waters. There are great waves and surfing conditions. It’s all surrounded by nature too. Don’t get scared if you wake up to the howler monkeys.

Santa Teresa Deep Dive: How to Surf in Santa Teresa

Ever wanted to learn to surf in Santa Teresa but aren't sure how? Don't worry, The Tico Times is here to help

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