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New Costa Rica Law Guarantees Bank Loans for Companies Affected by Pandemic

The President of Costa Rica signed, this Wednesday, the "Law for the creation of the National Guarantee Fund for the support of companies affected...

Gustico offers flavors, sights and sounds of rural Costa Rica

The Feria del Gustico continues through Sunday, March 31.

Costa Rican student creates buffalo burger, sausage company

This young executive made her first buffalo sausages as a student at the National Technical University (UTN) in Balsa de Atenas, and turned her project into a company.

Most Ticos still prefer pulperías to grocery shopping

While large numbers of Ticos still prefer their corner stores, preference for grocery and convenience stores more than doubled from 12 percent in 2015 to 27 percent this year.

5 question for a Costa Rican photographer

Costa Rican photograph Sergio Carvajal talks passion, priorities and dance pics in our Weekend Arts Spotlight.

Why changing too fast can hurt new businesses

Our "Doing Business" column looks at why course corrections, when too big or too frequent, can do more harm than good to new businesses.

Central American Bank grants Costa Rica $2 million to finance environmental projects

Local businesses can apply for environmental loans ranging from $1,500 to $150,000, which must be invested in environmentally friendly technologies to improve efficiency. That technology includes solar panels, electronic ballasts, high efficiency diffusers and reflectors, air compressors, fluorescent lamps, LED lights, electric engines, cooling systems, boilers, low-energy vehicles and others.

The different flavors of starting a business

Being aware of the differences between the types of startups and the advantages and disadvantages of each can help entrepreneurs better prepare for the road ahead and make better decisions when making the leap.

‘The Venture’ offers up to $1 million for social entrepreneurs

The local call is open for Ticos and foreigners legally residing in Costa Rica as long as their proposals have a positive impact here.

How investors and entrepreneurs can find common ground

The right pieces seem to be there, but they’re not matching somehow. Entrepreneurs are still not talking the investors’ language; the investors are not yet very familiar or comfortable with the augmented risks of venture capital; and expats don't necessarily have the networks to find the right projects.

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