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Puerto Rico

There’s a global pandemic, but Costa Rica still isn’t an island

The whole world is closing its borders and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic ... but Costa Rica still isn't an island.  

It’s 2020, and Costa Rica still isn’t an island

It's 2020 and people still think Costa Rica and Puerto Rico are the same place.

Despite reports, Costa Rica continues to not be an island

Despite recent reports to the contrary, The Tico Times has confirmed that Costa Rica is not an island. This news contradicts a chyron displayed on...

Response to disaster: aid successes, struggles in post-Maria Puerto Rico

As Costa Rica joins many other nations in looking back upon the horrendous 2017 hurricane season, longtime Tico Times contributor John McPhaul reflects on...

Looking back at Hurricane Maria: the initial impact

we huddled in the safety of the stairwell, terrified of what would happen when the eye of Hurricane Maria hit.

PHOTOS: ‘There’s a new normal in Puerto Rico’

Longtime Tico Times contributor, Reuters correspondent and Puerto Rico resident John McPhaul describes life on the island today.

Government charters flight to bring Costa Ricans home from Puerto Rico

When it arrives in Costa Rica, the flight will be met at a government air base in Alajuela by officials and passengers' families.

Costa Rican Foreign Ministry seeks Costa Ricans in Puerto Rico

Costa Ricans who are in Puerto Rico and have not yet been in touch with the ministry are asked to contact the Costa Rican Honorary Consulate in Puerto Rico, or the Consular Department in Costa Rica.

Puerto Rico’s governor says Washington must help with staggering debt

Groaning under at least $73 billion in debt, Puerto Rico — which is being called "America's Greece" — is staggering down a path towards default, a scenario that could ripple across cities and states that depend on bonds for building everything from schools to stadiums.

Puerto Rican independence front and center at CELAC

Several leaders – including Cuban President Raúl Castro and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro – mentioned the topic that was the subject of a special declaration earlier in the week during the meetings of foreign ministers, but none made quite the splash that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega did when he ceded his time to address the summit to a pro-Puerto Rican independence advocate, Rubén Berríos.

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