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Catholics still a majority in Costa Rica, but church is losing ground

Just over half of respondents believe Costa Rica should maintain its status as a Catholic state.

Costa Rica still a conservative society, survey finds

A recent survey found that the Costa Rican population maintains a conservative stance on controversial issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, or the legalization of marijuana.

A whopping 88 percent of Guatemalans disapprove of President Otto Pérez Molina’s job

Walk around Guatemala these days and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who thinks President Otto Pérez Molina is doing a good job.

Costa Rica launches Gross National Happiness index

The 1,285 Costa Ricans between 15 and 75 years old surveyed said that they were most pleased with ecological diversity (92 percent), health (89 percent) and education (80 percent).

Costa Rica president off to a rough start, survey says

More than 76 percent surveyed in a recent University of Costa Rica poll said they did not think Solís would be able to bring about the change he campaigned on.

President Solís remains popular, even if his government isn’t

Only 43 percent of those interviewed gave the president’s management a good grade since Luis Guillermo Solís took office on May 8. Some 55 percent said the new administration has done little or nothing to make good on its campaign promises.

President Solís gets good grade from most Costa Ricans as first 100 days pass

Many Costa Ricans say that despite some early stumbles in the administration of Luis Guillermo Solís, the country is on the right track, and they rated the president's performance as good – for now.

Why Costa Ricans want Mexico to lose in the World Cup

Mexico plays its first World Cup match today at 10 a.m. versus Cameroon. And you can bet Ticos will be rooting against Mexico. A new poll by YouGov and The New York Times' Upshot confirmed this ostensible feeling as fact.

UCR poll: Araya, Villalta, Solís neck-and-neck as campaigns close

Ruling party candidate Johnny Araya clings to a small lead, according to a poll released Tuesday night. Costa Ricans will vote on the country's next president Sunday.

Polling expert: La Nación’s decision to cancel poll sounds illogical

According to a polling analyst in the U.S., the daily La Nación’s canceled UNIMER poll likely would have been the most useful survey for accurately predicting the election – the exact opposite of what the daily told its readers.

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