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New poll: Support dropping for Araya, Villalta, but candidates still appear headed for a runoff

A new CID-Gallup poll has ruling party candidate Johnny Araya holding on to his lead less than a week before Sunday's presidential elections. But Araya remains 5 percentage points short of avoiding a run-off, with three candidates battling for second place.

Costa Rican daily La Nación cancels presidential election poll, citing ‘inconvenient’ timing

The daily La Nación has decided not to publish a final elections poll scheduled for Wednesday by polling firm Unimer, because it is “too close” to Election Day. In six days, Costa Ricans will head to the polls to elect a new president and Legislative Assembly.

Araya campaign inflates latest poll numbers

“These results confirm that with the organization and the size of PLN, we are guaranteed a triumph in the first round,” Johnny Araya's campaign manager said. But is that what the poll showed?

In last presidential elections, polls overestimated Libertarian Guevara’s support and underestimated PAC’s

[INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC] Explore how pollsters in Costa Rica stacked up during President Laura Chinchilla's election in 2010.

Johnny Araya holds onto lead in latest UCR presidential poll

Johnny Araya of the ruling National Liberation Party is the leading presidential hopeful among registered voters who have made up their minds, according to the latest poll from the University of Costa Rica’s Center for Research and Policy Studies (CIEP). But he's a long way from avoiding a runoff. However, the "Undecided" option remains the top choice in the poll.

Libertarian candidate Otto Guevara could become Costa Rica’s next president

A second round in the Feb. 2 presidential race could turn the dynamics upside-down with current third-place candidate Otto Guevara as a favorite, according to a poll published Thursday.

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