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UN warns Costa Rica on the use of pesticides

The United Nations (UN) alerted Costa Rica on the high cost of pesticide use on health and its impacts. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP),...

How to get Rid of Garden Pests – Naturally

HOME GARDENING: Gardening columnist Ed Bernhardt shares two newfound solutions to dry-season bugs: homemade sticky traps and insect spray.

Meet your Costa Rica Garden’s new best friend: Baking Soda

Ed Bernhardt shows how a simple ingredient in your Costa Rica kitchen cabinet can help you fend off a huge array of headaches – in and out of the garden.

Nearly 20% of Costa Rican national produce doesn’t meet agrochemical guidelines, study finds

Nearly 65% of fruits and vegetables produced in Costa Rica contain residual traces of agrochemicals, a study from the Pesticide Department of the State Phytosanitary System found. 

Health Ministry calls for awareness, compliance following agrochemical poisonings

The news comes two weeks after more than 20 people -- most of them children -- suffered from agrochemical poisoning in San Juan de Florencia, Alajuela. 

Ministry of Agriculture to investigate pesticide poisonings

They presented with symptoms of headache, dizziness and nausea, among others, the Ministry of Health said. 

Santa Teresa Costa Rica: Cultures divide over herbicide

In this Santa Teresa Deep Dive we look at a clash between local farmers and expats. Expats want to ban the use of glyphosate while farmers say they have no other option to stay in business.

Can Costa Rica save its bees?

Damage to bee populations has wide-ranging effects.

Costa Rica Agency Orders Suspension of Pineapple Farming Project

The Environmental Technical Secretariat asked for the demarcation of all wetland areas inside the property before any type of work on the pineapple project continues.

Environmentalists demand halt to pineapple expansion

An Environment Ministry report recommends to halt all work on the farmlands until measures are taken to protect wetlands and other protected areas.

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