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Costa Rica celebrates 74 years without an army

Costa Rica on Monday is celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the abolition of its army.

Juan Santamaria Historical and Cultural Museum Reopens

At the end of November last year, Alajuela’s centerpiece, the Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría, in order to better preserve the historic architectural heritage,...

Hundreds of pre-Columbian artifacts returned to Costa Rica

Costa Rica repatriated more than 1,300 pre-Columbian artifacts that had been exported from the country by Minor Keith, the National Museum reported Wednesday. This represents...

National Museum exhibit celebrates Costa Rica’s path to 200 years

The National Museum, located in San José, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Costa Rica celebrates 72nd anniversary of army abolition by inaugurating museum

The museum occupies the house in which Figueres — remembered as Don Pepe — lived on a farm where he developed many of the ideas that he would put into practice.

Costa Rica celebrates 72 years without an army

Costa Rica on Monday is celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the abolition of its army.

Visit Costa Rica’s famed Isla del Coco – without leaving San José

Using video mapping and other technological tools, we can experience a full day at the island.

U.S. Embassy funds research to preserve Costa Rica’s famous stone spheres

The National Museum of Costa Rica will use the information generated by the study to outline a plan for redirecting river flows and for protecting the archaeological sites at Finca 6.

Photos: National Museum of Costa Rica, from mastodons to Minerva

The National Museum of Costa Rica is an eye-opening walk through the history of this country, with a splendid detour to ancient Greece.

Costa Rica celebrates 67 years without an army

Breaking one of the crenellations of the former fortress with the swing of a hammer as a ceremonial gesture, President José Figueres Ferrer abolished the armed forces in Costa Rica on Dec. 1, 1948.

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