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National Liberation Party

Ex-President José María Figueres Olsen earns nomination

Former Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres has earned a nomination for the February 2022 general elections

With flags and cheers, Costa Rica faces an uncertain future on Election Eve

Images from pre-election celebrations east of San José.

Opposition lawmakers maintain control of Legislative Assembly’s Directorate

UPDATE. May 2. 3:44 p.m. A total of 47 lawmakers elected Libertarian Movement Party's Natalia Díaz Quintana for the pending Vice President post. Six blank and null votes were added for a total of 53 votes.

San José Mayor Johnny Araya returns to his former party

PLN's presidential candidate Antonio Álvarez Desanti welcomed Araya back and said he will be an important part of his campaign.

Presidential nominee Antonio Álvarez Desanti to step down as legislator

While votes are still being counted, the party has moved on.

UPDATE: Álvarez Desanti maintains in Liberation primary; late-night vote-counting drama

The PLN Internal Elections Tribunal's decision to suspend its count caused candidate Álvarez Desanti to express concerns about potential fraud.

Who’s who on the PLN ballot: forecasts for tomorrow’s presidential primary

Four candidates will seek the nomination for the social democratic party, which has elected seven Costa Rica presidents since its founding in 1951.

Former Costa Rica President Luis Alberto Monge Álvarez dies at 90

President Luis Alberto Monge Álvarez was the last surviving member of the National Assembly that drafted and approved Costa Rica’s current constitution.

Costa Rica ex-President Luis Alberto Monge recovering in hospital after respiratory attack

Monge was one of the founding members of the National Liberation Party, Costa Rica’s oldest political party, in 1951.

Former San José mayor Johnny Araya confident he will win his job back in Sunday’s election

The former mayor of San José, Johnny Araya Monge, who headed the municipality for 22 years, believes progress has stalled since he left office in 2013 to pursue a losing bid for the presidency the following year.

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