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Ex-President José María Figueres Olsen earns nomination

Former Costa Rican President Jose Maria Figueres has earned a nomination for the February 2022 general elections, his political party announced.

“We congratulate former President José María Figueres Olsen, winner of the National Liberation Party (PLN) Convention, during a civic day that has safely mobilized the country,” the PLN said on Facebook.

Figueres, the son of the PLN’s founder, José Figueres Ferrer, ruled Costa Rica from 1994-1998. During his presidency, Figueres prioritized ecotourism and the attraction of foreign technology companies.

When he announced his candidacy earlier this year, Figueres said he would focus on economic reactivation after the coronavirus pandemic.

“Seeing our country suffer the severity of Covid-19, which sadly has mourned thousands of Costa Rican families, as well as the consequences on our economy, which has destroyed so many job opportunities, I propose to be a change manager to build together the future that Costa Rica deserves,” he said.

“The world has witnessed extraordinary economic miracles, such as that of Singapore and Estonia, countries smaller than ours and that have emerged months ago to become examples of success, showing that it is possible to transform a country into a model. of prosperity and opportunities for all.”

The former president returned to Costa Rica in 2011 for the first time in 11 years, after moving to Europe following a scandal involving French telecom Alcatel, which allegedly paid Figueres nearly $1 million in consulting fees in exchange for lobbying for the company in Costa Rica. While Figueres was never charged with a crime, many believe the payment was irregular.

Figueres was elected to chair the PLN in 2015.

The 2022 presidential elections are scheduled for Sunday, February 6, 2022.

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