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Costa Rica
Friday, May 27, 2022

With flags and cheers, Costa Rica faces an uncertain future on Election Eve

The weather seemed appropriate on this unusually complicated Election Eve, but at least some voters’ spirits were high nonetheless. As unseasonably dark clouds drew together over San José and the last rays of sun struggled to find their way through, excited party supporters flooded San Pedro’s Rotonda de la Hispanidad, filling the streets with color, honking and cheers. As befits a city where traffic is a part of daily life, political gridlock became an actual traffic jam, drawing police and electoral observers to the scene.

The red-and-yellow flags of the Citizen Action Party (PAC) predominated; San Pedro, which as a university neighborhood is home to many young and left-leaning voters, is PAC country. However, a steady stream of cars adorned in the green and white of the National Liberation Party joined in the celebrations at the roundabout, a traditional gathering place for Costa Ricans in the area after major victories, whether in soccer or in politics.

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Andrés Madrigal / The Tico Times
Andrés Madrigal / The Tico Times
AFP Photo / Ezequiel Becerra
Katherine Stanley / The Tico Times
Andrés Madrigal / The Tico Times
Andrés Madrigal / The Tico Times

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