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National Liberation Party

National Liberation Party bans former presidential candidate and ex-mayor Johnny Araya from running for office for 4 years

A National Liberation Party ethics committee on Tuesday night ordered former Costa Rican presidential candidate Johnny Araya Monge to refrain from participating in any political activities for a period of four years, as a result of his decision to drop out of the presidential race on March 5.

Costa Rica’s ex-President Óscar Arias says the country is on the wrong path

Costa Rica’s former two-term President Óscar Arias Sánchez (1986-1990 and 2006-2010) hasn’t even waited a full year before twice publicly criticizing the new administration of Luis Guillermo Solís, who once belonged to Arias’ political party, the National Liberation Party, and was a member of the 1980s peace delegation that helped end the wars in Central America and delivered Arias a Nobel Peace Prize.

No clear path forward, opposition lawmakers lament after Solís’ 100-day report

Opposition lawmakers expressed a mix of outrage and approval Monday afternoon at the 100-day report presented by President Luis Guillermo Solís last week. Many lawmakers who opined about the president’s report agreed that any guilty parties should be punished, but they urged the president to provide more concrete proposals to address the problems he identified while speaking last Thursday at San José's Teatro Melico Salazar.

So much for dialogue and consensus: Legislative Assembly snubs President Solís’ 100-day report

On Monday evening, hours after the president requested an hour Thursday afternoon to present his assessment of the government as he found it after President Laura Chinchilla (2010-2014) left office in May, the heads of the fractious political parties refused to give him the floor. Solís blamed the National Liberation Party (PLN) for the delay in the report, which would be a first of its kind in Costa Rica.

Johnny Araya’s and Otto Guevara’s campaigns overspend in the last election

The National Liberation Party spent $1.85 million more than it can cover in the last election, while the Libertarian Movement Party found itself in a $794,000 hole.

A victory for the ages

An electoral mandate of such a magnitude as the one Costa Rica has just delivered to the Citizen Action Party’s Luis Guillermo Solís is impressive around the world.

No regrets about quitting campaign, says Costa Rica’s ruling party candidate Johnny Araya

The National Liberation Party’s (PLN) "non-candidate," Johnny Araya, left his home in Rohrmoser, a wealthy neighborhood west of San José, at 9:30 a.m. Sunday to begin Costa Rica's second-round Election Day.

National Liberation Party inundates social media networks with calls to get out the vote

Although their candidate announced he was quitting the race back in March, members of the ruling National Liberation Party have blasted social media networks with get-out-the-vote messages for today’s presidential runoff.

Costa Rican centrist set for win with no rival

Historian and former diplomat Luis Guillermo Solís is set to cruise to victory Sunday in Costa Rica's presidential runoff election after his sole opponent dropped out of the race.

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