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No regrets about quitting campaign, says Costa Rica’s ruling party candidate Johnny Araya

The National Liberation Party’s (PLN) "non-candidate," Johnny Araya, left his home in Rohrmoser, a wealthy neighborhood west of San José, at 9:30 a.m. Sunday to begin Costa Rica's second-round Election Day.

Candidate Johnny Araya traveled to Panama with leading construction firm CEO to watch a soccer match

Five days after being elected the presidential candidate of the ruling National Liberation Party, then-San José Mayor Johnny Araya flew to Panama in a private jet with Carlos Enrique Cerdas, the CEO of MECO construction, which has been awarded several public works projects, the weekly newspaper Semanario Universidad reported in its cover story on Wednesday.

Johnny Araya promises to revive controversial highway project

The National Liberation Party candidate said that the proposed highway expansion would be publicly financed and not rely on a concession.
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