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Manuel Antonio National Park administration moving to comply with Health Ministry orders

The entrance area at Manuel Antonio National Park will have more booths, benches and other improvements to reduce wait times and long lines.

Death of crocodile in traditional Costa Rican activity stirs controversy

A traditional Good Friday celebration resulted in the death of a crocodile in a Guanacaste town.

Environment Ministry officials report increased damage of wildfires inside protected areas

Environment Ministry officials claim 100 percent of the wildfires inside protected areas occurred because of people’s negligent or premeditated actions.

Sea lions found at Costa Rica’s central Pacific beaches

Environment officials conducted a physical evaluation of the sea lions and then released them offshore after looking for currents that could carry them back home.

Costa Rica pledges to improve protection of its wetlands

Environment Ministry officials are currently working on the National Wetland Inventory, a project to compile an updated list of all water sources in the country.

Municipal project to build cableway to Chirripó’s peak faces opposition

Environmental groups believe a cableway to Chirripó peak would attract crowds that would overload the national park’s capacity and endanger the protected lands.

Alleged gold miners end protest at Corcovado National Park

Government officials pledged to evaluate available options to compensate 170 alleged former gold miners who claim they were evicted from the lands that are now part of Corcovado National Park.

Death of Kivú the lion unleashes blame game

Following Kivú's death, many people turned to FUNDAZOO’s facebook profile blaming the organization for keeping the lion in his metal cage during most of his life.

Alleged gold miners camp outside Corcovado National Park, demand compensation 

The Public Security Ministry confirmed that 50 National Police officers had been sent to help Corcovado's park rangers and staffers respond to the demonstration.

Kivú’s health condition worsens; officials evaluate options

A final recommendation on the lion’s fate will be announced Thursday to the Ministers of Environment, and Agriculture and Livestock, followed by a public announcement.

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