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Friday, August 12, 2022
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U.S. donates $16,000 to help Costa Rica improve environmental reporting

Any person who is in Costa Rica — adult or a minor, national or foreign — can file a criminal complaint to the authorities.

Costa Rican firefighters prepare for start of country’s wildfire season

March and April are typically the most vulnerable months for uncontrolled fires in Costa Rica.

Selfie with a wild animal? Not in Costa Rica

Costa Rica became the first in the world to launch a national campaign against "cruel or inappropriate selfies with wild animals."

Environmental organizations and park rangers denounce ‘deterioration’ of National Parks

MINAE says it has invested more than $33 million toward infrastructure projects since 2014.

‘Time to stop talking and start acting,’ Environment Minister says

Rodríguez stressed that better-informed societies are those that can give continuity to climate action.

Costa Rica to host PreCOP 25 in October

PreCOP25 will be held Oct. 8-10 at the National Convention Center. COP25 will be held in December in Chile.

Manuel Antonio expands capacity following improvements

The park is popular for its beaches, abundance of wildlife and its relative proximity to San José. 

With crocodile concerns high, legal decision looms in population control case

The voices of those who see the abundance of crocs as a problem are getting louder.

Environment Ministry restricts operations at three pineapple farms

Ministry officials warned pineapple farmers that they must refrain from conducting any work that might have an impact on nearby wetlands, ponds, or protected lands.

Costa Rica launches quest to replace most single-use plastic by 2021

Costa Rica generates 4,000 tons of waste every day. Of these, 11 percent are plastics that end up in the sea, including 1.5 million plastic bottles.

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