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Costa Rica
Thursday, May 26, 2022

Authorities rescue toucan from Eta-related rainfall in Costa Rica

Costa Rican National Emergency Commission (CNE) workers rescued a toucan that was on the Costanera Sur highway.

Authorities tell Ponderosa Adventure Park to stop animal reproduction, feeding tours, selfies

Ponderosa Adventure Park, previously known as África Mía under a different owner, celebrated the birth of its first giraffe in 2009. 

Tough Love: Re-wilding an orphaned tamandua

I’ve had the great privilege of working at the Toucan Rescue Ranch Release Site in Costa Rica to re-wild an orphaned female juvenile Tamandua mexicana.

Slothy Sunday: An update on teen sloth idol Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi was one of the luckier victims of the illegal pet trade.

Selfie with a wild animal? Not in Costa Rica

Costa Rica became the first in the world to launch a national campaign against "cruel or inappropriate selfies with wild animals."

Slothy Sunday: For the love of sloths

There are thousands of cute sloth photos floating around the internet, and we all love to ooh and aah over every one of them.

Toucan dies after being shot with BB gun

Local residents told Firefighters officers that they have seen a group of youngsters shooting BB guns “at everything in the San José de Atenas neighborhood.”

President Solís signs new Animal Welfare Law

The new law introduces prison sentences ranging from three months to one year for those found guilty of killing a domestic or a domesticated animal, and a series of monetary fines for animal cruelty.

Death of crocodile in traditional Costa Rican activity stirs controversy

A traditional Good Friday celebration resulted in the death of a crocodile in a Guanacaste town.

Death of Kivú the lion unleashes blame game

Following Kivú's death, many people turned to FUNDAZOO’s facebook profile blaming the organization for keeping the lion in his metal cage during most of his life.
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