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Park rangers receive pay bump for 24-hour service

Illegal hunting, logging and mining operations don't always operate during convenient nine-to-five business hours. For park rangers, policing these activities is a 24-hour job. For the first time, they are going to be paid for it.

Closure of Guatuso entrance to Tenorio Volcano National Park worries an entire community

Tourism entrepreneurs in the canton of Guatuso, in northeastern Alajuela, are on the verge of losing their businesses following the closure of a path known as “La Paz” that provides the community access to popular tourist destinations in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Those destinations include Río Celeste, Laguna Azul, La Paz waterfall, and a sector of hot springs.

Environment Ministry loses court battle to close Costa Rica’s zoos

Public zoos will remain open in Costa Rica for at least 10 more years following a court ruling last Friday. An administrative court ruled in favor of nonprofit group FUNDAZOO, which administers San José's Simón Bolívar Zoo and the Santa Ana Conservation Center, citing a contractual technicality that will allow the group to continue operating the zoos until 2024. The Environment Ministry, or MINAE, had said it would close both zoos in May.

Costa Rica’s ‘Toño the Pizote’ wants a summer without forest fires

With the approach of Costa Rica’s driest time of the year, propaganda to prevent forest fires has begun flying. Spearheaded by Costa Rica’s own version of Smokey Bear, Toño the Pizote, the “Summer Without Forest Fires” campaign launched on Wednesday.

Turtles will be unprotected as leatherback nesting season approaches on Moín Beach

In February, endangered leatherback sea turtles will begin nesting on Moín Beach, where conservationist Jairo Mora was killed by poachers last May. Police and government officials have no plans to protect the turtles, and environmentalists are now pushing to designate the area as a national park. But even that would be too late for this year's baby turtles.

Court approves zoos’ injunction against Costa Rica Environment Ministry

The Environment Ministry is temporarily banned from moving forward with zoo conversions in San José.

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