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Letter to the Editor

Costa Rica’s tuna regulations affect dolphins and national fishermen

For more than two years, a couple of proposed laws have been floating in and out of the Costa Rican congress regarding tuna reform...

Costa Rica rolls out the welcome mat to the yachting world

One of the most spectacular ways to see Costa Rica is from the water.

Illegal fishing kills Costa Rica marine life and tourism in Golfo Dulce and Southern Zone

Eco-tourism and sport-fishing tourism are both being threatened by illegal commercial fishing practices in Costa Rica.

Project advances to move tuna sein boats 100 miles from coast

Costa Rica needs to improve on its protection of its valuable tuna resources — not only for the sport fishing fleet they represent, but for the benefit of all national fishermen.

Opinion: Costa Rica’s dolphin hypocrisy

Capturing dolphins to catch tuna is not responsible fishing, Todd Staley argues.

Letter from the Editor: We want to hear from you

As we're all staying home and social distancing, we want to hear from you: How are you? How are things where you live? What has been difficult, or pleasantly surprising, over the past few weeks?

Letter from the Editor: Costa Rica’s new normal

Life Costa Rica has changed dramatically over the course of just a few weeks.

Letter from the Editor: Visiting Costa Rica during the coronavirus pandemic

We've received numerous questions over the past several days from readers asking if they should cancel upcoming trips to Costa Rica due to coronavirus.

Letter to the Editor: We are students in Monteverde. This is why we are striking against climate change.

Join us in making a change before we no longer have the chance.

Letter to the Editor: Join the 2019 Global Climate Strike, Friday Sept. 20

It’s time to take a stand, to show the political will to effect rapid and drastic changes in our policies and laws.

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