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Google, Apple contact tracing enabled in Costa Rica

Costa Rica will enable exposure notifications, a service developed by Google and Apple that uses mobile phones to identify alert an individual if they have been exposed to Covid-19.

Malpaís among top ‘places to love in 2021,’ New York Times says

The New York Times named Malpaís, Puntarenas, as one of its Places to Love in 2021.

Bloomberg says Costa Rica among top 2021 vacation destinations

Planning your 2021 travel? Consider Costa Rica, Bloomberg says.

Costa Rica was among 2019’s most-searched travel destinations in the United States

Costa Rica in 2019 was the 10th most-searched travel destination for U.S. users.

These were the most popular Google searches in Costa Rica this year

Costa Ricans asked a lot of good questions in 2019.

Google recognizes Independence Day with Costa Rican flag

The search engine giant is recognizing Costa Rica.

Costa Rican artist Elizabeth Argüello designed a Google doodle for Sunday

The design marks Costa Rica's opening match against Serbia.

Why Google’s new quantum computer could launch an artificial intelligence arms race

Google claims the D-Wave 2X is 100 million times as fast as any of today's machines. As a result, this quantum computer could theoretically complete calculations within seconds to a problem that might take a digital computer 10,000 years to calculate.

Does the Web know the way to San José?

San José is the capital and largest city in Costa Rica, but if you try mapping it on the Internet, you might be in for a long search.

Innovation is the new black: 3 pitfalls for businesses to avoid

Innovation, the process behind the shiny outcome, doesn't produce results right away. Companies must have the stomach and the patience to let that process take place.

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