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Feel the full frustration of Costa Rican roads with Google Maps’ new Pac-Man game

Google has created another Google Maps/video game mashup for April Fool’s Day 2015. By clicking a Pac-Man icon in the bottom left of the screen, users can convert any road into a live game of Pac-Man.

Robin Williams is Google’s top search trend; in Costa Rica, it’s Keylor Navas

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Robin Williams's death had people worldwide scouring the Internet for insights into the famed comic's life, making him the hottest search trend of the year on Google, the web giant said Tuesday. In Costa Rica, the top-trending Google search was superstar goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

Google recognizes Costa Rica Independence Day with gallo pinto

The image only shows up for Google users current in Costa Rica. The four other Central American countries celebrating Independence Day this Monday -- El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras -- also received their own doodles.

Google doodle recognizes Children’s Day in Costa Rica

Google celebrated Costa Rica’s Children’s Day on Tuesday with one of the search giant’s iconic doodles (only visible in Costa Rica). Since 1946, Costa Rica...

Under Spain’s ‘Google Fee’ law, news aggregators must pay publishers

Last week, Spain passed a law requiring news aggregators such as Google News to pay publishers a fee if they link to their content. Supporters of the law, nicknamed the "Google Fee," say it will prevent copyright infringements. But opponents argue that it limits freedom of expression.

Google Doodle spotlights Costa Rica vs. England match

It's about time Costa Rica's flag appeared on the homepage of the search engine giant after everything the Ticos have accomplished in Brazil.

You can fight the NSA by ‘resetting the Net’

This week tech companies, democracy advocates, and open-Internet activists joined forces for a Reset the Net campaign that emphasizes both personal privacy and open access to information on the Web. As part of the initiative, companies including Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, Twitter and Reddit are fundraising, educating and launching new security features and services.

Warning: Wearing Google Glass to a bar might get you attacked

Wearable technology is moving us into a brave new world with new rules about how to use ever more ubiquitous gadgets. The path to acceptance, however, is not a smooth one.

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