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Flat tire in Costa Rica: Things could be better, things could be worse

When you get a flat tire in Costa Rica you'll find your inner MacGuyver. And you'll meet a lot of nice people.

Night driving in Costa Rica: Bad idea, but it was Thanksgiving

Driving in Costa Rica is never easy, least of all a long haul from Tamarindo to Puerto Jiménez that ends in the dark the day before Thanksgiving.

Arenal family reunion: I’m on a highway to ‘Hell, yeah’

When family comes to Costa Rica, renting a vacation house on Lake Arenal turns out to be just the ticket to some serious R&R in a very scenic place.

Bus stop made of water bottles opens in Alajuela

Cristal water and the municipality of Alajuela team up to build a bus stop out of recycled water bottles.

Does the Web know the way to San José?

San José is the capital and largest city in Costa Rica, but if you try mapping it on the Internet, you might be in for a long search.

A tree in the road brings resourceful strangers together

How many men does it take to move a tree in the road in Costa Rica? Plenty, it turns out, but it helps to have one with a Land Cruiser.
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Costa Rican President Accused of Offering Bribes to Congress President

The Public Prosecutor's Office has initiated a new criminal investigation involving President Rodrigo Chaves. The offense in question relates to a form of corruption...

The Secret Lives of Costa Rica’s Wildlife

Each species that inhabits Costa Rica’s varied landscapes lives a full life eating stuff, trying not to be eaten by stuff, and looking for...

Tropical Wave Hits Costa Rica

According to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), this season's tropical wave number 3 reached Costa Rica last night. The IMN ruled out strong direct...