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Nature Air: Can’t beat the view


Small planes, big windows, short flights, epic scenery – these are the qualities that make Nature Air so fun to fly. During a recent flight from Bocas Del Toro to San José, we caught a view of this cumulonimbus cloud rising above the Talamanca mountains. The longest Nature Air flight is less than 90 minutes, but the views are always spectacular.

Nature Air isn’t for everybody, of course. If you happen to love small planes and a little turbulence, these Cessnas and De Havillands should be right up your alley. If you suffer from claustrophobia and are afraid of heights, you might consider renting a car instead.


Perhaps the most smile-inducing aspect of flying Nature Air is its airports – or more appropriately, airstrips. When you land in a place like Tortuguero, the “airport” is basically just a swathe of concrete cut into the rain forest. Indeed, the airport in Bocas Del Toro looks a lot like a bus terminal, and the runway ends in a soccer field.


Don’t let the rustic appearance deceive you: Nature Air runs a tight operation. When it comes to local aviation, it’s the best of all possible worlds – the appearance of back-country adventure, and the security of a modern, professional airline.

Happy flying!

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