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New Costa Rican movie explores ‘the happiest place in the world’

With an all-star cast, a production budget of $350,0000 and promotion to the tune of $500,000, "The Happiest Place in the World" is arguably the most ambitious Costa Rican production of all time.

Highlights of the shnit International Shortfilmfestival

A highlight of the shnit International Shortfilmfestival was the "Made in Costa Rica" competition on Oct. 9, which generated a huge line outside the Cine Magaly in eastern San José as people eagerly waited to watch Costa Rican entries.

5 questions for a Costa Rican filmmaker – ‘It’s important to leave people thinking’

The Tico Times sat down with Esteban Ramírez at his office to talk about his influences and the challenges of his latest movie. Excerpts follow.

Cultural Center anniversary, vegan fair, and more events around Costa Rica

A roundup of events taking place October 9 - 15.

San José hosts international short film fest

The Shortfilmfestival started 13 years ago in Bern, Switzerland, and has since spread to other cities. The festival will be held simultaneously in this year's chosen cities, or "playgrounds," which are: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Moscow (Russia), Cape Town (South Africa), Bangkok (Thailand), Cairo (Egypt), Kyoto (Japan), and San José, which became a shnit playground in 2011.

UCR students race toward cinematic glory in only 48 hours

Now in its third edition, the contest, which challenges students from the university's Collective Communication Science Department to produce a short film in just two days, resulted in 10 films showcased Oct. 2 at the UCR Law School Auditorium.

5 questions for a Costa Rican actress – ‘Theater keeps my heart full of passion’

Natalia Arias has had quite a year. The actress – who hails from Coronado, north of San José – followed up her first film apperance in the 2009 film "Gestación," directed by Esteban Ramírez, with a lead performance this year in the latest Ramírez film, "Presos."

5 questions for a Costa Rican filmmaker – ‘I’m hungry to make movies’

In just a year and half, the Costa Rican filmmaker has already made two short films - the first of which, "Zafiro," will be featured at the Shnit Festival here in Costa Rica in October, and later at the PNR Film Festival in Madrid - and is preparing to produce his first feature.

5 questions for a Costa Rican comedian – ‘To hear them laugh is poetry’

"The creative process, when it is honest, leads to loneliness. To create sometimes involves overwhelming anguish, which you have to face with humility and patience, and I’ve got to say that I’m not a very patient person." The Tico Times talks to Hernán Jiménez.

Legendary horror director Wes Craven dead at 76

Wes Craven, a master of cinematic horror whose legendary directorial credits include "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream," died Sunday at age 76.

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