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FIA 2015

President Luis Guillermo Solís confirms new culture minister

Sylvie Durán Salvatierra officially took over as culture and youth minister on Tuesday, while the ministry's Film Center Director Max Valverde Soto was appointed vice minister.

FIAsco continues: Culture Ministry cancels rescheduled international concerts

Costa Rica’s Culture Ministry in a press release confirmed the definitive cancellation of all concerts suspended during the failed edition of this year’s International Arts Festival (FIA 2015).

FIA conspiracy? Former culture minister blames ‘plot’ for festival failure

In testimony Thursday before a Legislative Assembly commission, Costa Rica's former Culture Minister Elizabeth Fonseca downplayed the colossal failure of this year's International Arts Festival, or FIA, saying, "this whole situation has been exaggerated; the gravity of what happened was blown out of proportion.”

Ousted culture minister blames subordinates for arts festival woes

Fonseca said organizers' insistence on boosting the festival budget means there's not much money left for other cultural activities that rely on the same funding pool.

Costa Rica’s culture minister sacked over failed international arts festival

Culture vice ministers Alfredo Chavarría Fennel and Carlos Luis Amador Brenes and FIA Director Inti Picado also were dismissed.

Lawmakers to probe Culture Minister about International Arts Festival fiasco

President Luis Guillermo Solís said Thursday at a public event that dismissals at the Culture Ministry “are among the possibilities” depending on the report Minister Elizabeth Fonseca Corrales presents next Monday.

La Ley will reschedule concert after FIAsco

Culture Minister Elizabeth Fonseca told La Nación that 3,400 tickets to the rescheduled show would be distributed free among the residents of Aserrí, Desamparados and Acosta — the three communities where the 2015 International Arts Festival's main events were supposed to take place. Another 1,800 will be put up for sale, the daily reported.

How Costa Rica’s 2015 International Arts Festival flopped

This year's International Arts Festival has been plenty entertaining so far — just not in the way the Costa Rican government intended. Instead of people mapping out a schedule to squeeze in as much music and culture as possible, they're gossiping indignantly about how the festival's organizers could have possibly messed it up quite this badly.

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