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President Solís demands special FIA inquest

Casa Presidencial announced yesterday that President Luis Guillermo Solís has requested a special investigation into this year’s FIA (which has been playfully nicknamed “FIAsco” by observers).

Sonámbulo cancellation adds to FIA woes

As the troubled 2015 edition of the International Arts Festival limps to a close, the show of popular national band Sonámbulo Psicotropical promised to be a bright spot in a fortnight filled with disorganization and controversy. However, it turned out to be just another casualty on a long list of cancellations.

La Ley will reschedule concert after FIAsco

Culture Minister Elizabeth Fonseca told La Nación that 3,400 tickets to the rescheduled show would be distributed free among the residents of Aserrí, Desamparados and Acosta — the three communities where the 2015 International Arts Festival's main events were supposed to take place. Another 1,800 will be put up for sale, the daily reported.

How Costa Rica’s 2015 International Arts Festival flopped

This year's International Arts Festival has been plenty entertaining so far — just not in the way the Costa Rican government intended. Instead of people mapping out a schedule to squeeze in as much music and culture as possible, they're gossiping indignantly about how the festival's organizers could have possibly messed it up quite this badly.

PHOTOS: Despite hiccups, International Arts Festival draws crowds

If you hadn’t heard the drama, you would think everything had gone exactly as planned.

FIA-sco! Arts Festival delayed, afternoon events cancelled in Alajuelita and Acosta

Before you head to the International Arts Festival (FIA), be advised: Most of the events scheduled for Alajuelita and San Ignacio de Acosta have been cancelled.
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Costa Rica’s National Symphony Orchestra to Perform Free Concerts

The National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica (OSNCR) will perform two free concerts on Thursday, June 20, and Friday, June 21, at 8 p.m....

Costa Rica’s Main Caribbean Highway Plagued by Instability

The National Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LANAMME-UCR) conducted an assessment of Route 32 and found at...

Unraveling the Mystery of a Costa Rican Expat’s Past

Expats come to Costa Rica for all types of reasons; Some come to live, some to die. Some are running from something, others in...